COVID19: Cyprus achieving ‘miracles’ to control virus

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Cyprus has achieved ‘miracle’ results in its work to control the COVID-19 pandemic compared to elsewhere in Europe, said Chinese Ambassador Huang Xingyuan.

In an article, posted on the Embassy’s Facebook account, Huang said: “Cyprus will win the battle against COVID-19 and the world will triumph over this common enemy…and China-Cyprus friendship and cooperation will come out of pandemic much stronger.”

A decrease in the number of new confirmed cases in recent days seems to indicate that Cyprus has reached a turning point in fighting COVID-19.

“This should be considered a miracle as compared to the entire European continent which has fallen as a whole and seen a relatively high rate of infections.”

“I believe that the Cypriot government has achieved remarkable results in its work to control the pandemic.”

The Ambassador attributes results to the Cypriot government adopting the correct measures quickly.

“The government made a prompt response from the very beginning by implementing stricter prevention and control measures than those of other European countries instead of pursuing the so-called “herd immunity.”

Huang said a united front against the pandemic has been a bulwark for success.

“In the face of the pandemic, the Cypriot people united as a whole, giving unswerving support to the most courageous doctors and nurses to fight the virus and save lives.”

“The general public has been highly cooperative with government measures, showing impressive levels of self-discipline and patriotism, even when measures interrupted life-long Easter traditions.”

“I have rarely heard complaints of racist acts from Chinese citizens living in Cyprus, in sharp contrast to the situation in the United States and some other countries.”

According to Ambassador Huang, China and Cyprus have fought the pandemic with mutual support while the Chinese Embassy has built joint prevention and control mechanisms with the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Health.

“I personally keep a hotline contact with Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides and other officials of Cyprus.”

Cyprus has received three batches of medical supplies from China, some of it donated.

“I have full confidence that Cyprus will win the battle against COVID-19.”