COVID19: Cyprus keeping the lid on new cases

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Cyprus on Thursday saw confirmed coronavirus infections steadying as the Health Ministry reported 20 new cases, the same as the previous day, while authorities carried out almost 3,000 tests.

The 20 new cases were detected from a record 2905 lab tests.

Some 1700 of the tests were carried out within the scheme to test frontline workers, such as health professionals and those working in the food and beverage chain of supply.

These tests revealed 10 new coronavirus cases.

In the parallel routine tracing method, some 7 people were identified after tests on contacts of known COVID-19 cases, while another two cases were identified through tests carried out at hospital labs.

One more case was reported by private labs after some 303 individuals requested to be tested.

Regarding frontline workers, the authorities have conducted 4,786 out of 20,000 planned tests.

Health authorities seek to complete the frontline testing scheme within 20 days since the start on April 11.

According to Thursday’s data, the total number of cases is 735, including 10 in the British Bases.

These cases were detected from a total of 26,000 tests by the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics, the Microbiological Lab at Nicosia General Hospital and private labs.

Health Ministry advisor Dr Leontios Kostrikis said figures for the last two days have made health authorities feel confident about the future.

“If we continue in the same way then we are certain the news will get even better,” he said.

Dr Marios Loizou of the Cyprus State Health Services Organisation said there are 19 patients being treated at Famagusta General referral hospital, three in the Special care unit while two have been discharged.

There are nine patients on ventilators, three at Limassol General ICU and six at Nicosia General ICU. Three more patients are in Nicosia General Hospital’s ICU but not on life support.

The condition of all patients in the ICUs is critical but stable.

Loizou wanted to thank the public for their contribution to fighting the spread of the virus.

He urged the public to keep up the effort and refrain from family gatherings during Easter, no matter how small they are.