Brussels says Nicosia has right to close crossings

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The European Commission was notified by Nicosia of the temporary closure of four crossing points along the Green Line and had every right to do so over coronavirus concerns, according to an EU Official.

According to the Commission Official “under the Green Line Regulation, the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus shall carry out checks on all persons crossing the Green Line with the aim, inter alia, of preventing any threat to public security or public policy”.

“The Commission will continue to monitor the situation carefully to ensure that any temporary closures and the conduct of any health checks are proportionate and compatible with the Green Line Regulation,” the official added.

The government has been criticised for closing the crossing points with pressure from Turkish Cypriots to re-open them.

There were scuffles at the Ledra Street checkpoint in Nicosia on Saturday during protests over its closure.

Nicosia said it had to close four crossings to better monitor the prevention of coronavirus by controlling entry points. (source CNA)