COVID19: Cypriot leaders agree to reopen crossings

Cypriot leaders agreed on Thursday to gradually re-open crossing points across the island’s UN-patrolled ceasefire line from June 8 after successfully containing coronavirus on both sides of the divide. Cyprus President Nicos

UN stops Turkish Cypriot flower power

UN peacekeeper stopped a small group of Turkish Cypriot activists bearing flowers attempting to approach Greek Cypriot police at closed Ledra Street checkpoint on Monday. A group of Turkish Cypriots activists holding

Putting out the fire with gasoline

In a clumsy, roughshod fashion the government decided to close four crossing points on the premise it could more effectively monitor coronavirus from areas beyond its control. The decision seemed hurried, knee-jerk

Four police hurt at Ledra crossing demo

Four police officers were injured, and pepper spray used as around 350 Cypriots demonstrated on Saturday against the temporary closure of several crossings on the divided island’s ceasefire line over the coronavirus

Crossings stay closed as UN raises concern

While the government is adamant on keeping four crossing points closed as part of its measures against novel Coronavirus, UNFICYP has expressed concern over “the ongoing disruption caused to people on both


Why closing the crossings started in Varosha

The offer by President Nicos Anastasiades to provide the presidential retreat at Troodos and some government houses, as a recuperation centre for coronavirus patients, although gracious, is misguided. For the umpteenth time,