Crossings north reach record heights

Greek Cypriot crossings to the Turkish-occupied north have increased more than 20% in the first six months of 2023, reaching the highest level ever. According to Turkish Cypriot media, a record number

Green Line trade, crossings spike 140%

Trade and crossings across the Green Line dividing the island increased last year compared to 2021, according to an annual report published by the EU Commission. According to the Green Line Regulation

140 mln crossings since checkpoints opened

In the 20 years since the crossings opened across the divide in 2003, the number who have crossed has surpassed approximately 140 million, despite their closure during the pandemic. Last year alone,

Cypriots demand more crossing points

Greek and Turkish Cypriots united their voices for the opening of new crossing points along the divided island to facilitate people-to-people contact. About 110 parties, trade unions and NGOs from both communities

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