Turkish Cypriots upset Cyprus reclaimed UK Halloumi trademark

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Industrialists are calling on Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci and other authorities in the occupied north of the island to take legal action after the Republic of Cyprus reclaimed the Halloumi trademark in the UK.

The Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry issued an announcement condemning the actions taken by the Greek Cypriots authorities to reclaim the Halloumi trademark, as they argue that Turkish Cypriot dairy producers are excluded because of the decision.

The chamber says that “the Greek Cypriot authorities, instead of sharing the “halloumi / helim (Turkish name of the cheese) which is a common cultural product of the communities in Cyprus, they prefer to usurp the product for their own benefit”.

The chamber is calling on authorities in the north to put aside the elections for the new Turkish Cypriot leader and other differences and pull together to work towards protecting Turkish Cypriots rights regarding the traditional cheese.

It says authorities in the Turkish-held north “have failed to set Halloumi as one a priority, increasing the risk of Halloumi falling exclusive into the hands of the Greek Cypriots”.

“The efforts of civil society organisations and a handful of bureaucrats can only get so far. If we do not pull together, then Halloumi will be lost,” said the chamber.