Largest mosque inaugurated in north

The largest mosque ever constructed in Cyprus, named the Dr. Suat Gunsel Mosque, was inaugurated on Thursday amidst significant criticism in the Turkish-occupied north over Turkey’s and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ongoing


Turkish Cypriots get halloumi aid

Brussels announced it is mobilising €1 mln to test cattle, sheep and goats to improve animal health and food safety to help Turkish Cypriots trade halloumi through the Green Line. The money

Turkish Cypriots decry earthquake tax

Trade unions and opposition parties in the Turkish-occupied north are in uproar after the ruling coalition intends to levy a year-long tax on salaries for earthquake support to Turkey. Reacting to the

Turkish Cypriots defy ‘Islamification’

Turkish Cypriots took to the streets this week, despite heavy rain, to protest the “Islamification” of their community after Turkey appointed religious authorities to preach conservative Islamic rhetoric to those attending mosques.

Turkish Cypriots pounded by inflation

Turkish Cypriots are seeing their purchasing power disappear, as prices of essential goods have skyrocketed within the past year, with inflation in the north recording a year-on-year 120% increase in October. According

Turkish Cypriots eye EuroAsia plug-in

The construction launch of the EU-backed EuroAsia electricity interconnector has triggered fears among Turkish Cypriots that they are left solely dependent on its notoriously faulty grid. The Turkish Cypriot Energy Efficiency Association,


Turkish Cypriots hit by hyperinflation

Turkish Cypriots are seeing their earnings vanish due to inflation spirals, as the cost of living in the Turkish occupied north has increased by a staggering 110%. According to north’s statistical data,

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