Turkish Cypriots pounded by inflation

Turkish Cypriots are seeing their purchasing power disappear, as prices of essential goods have skyrocketed within the past year, with inflation in the north recording a year-on-year 120% increase in October. According

Turkish Cypriots eye EuroAsia plug-in

The construction launch of the EU-backed EuroAsia electricity interconnector has triggered fears among Turkish Cypriots that they are left solely dependent on its notoriously faulty grid. The Turkish Cypriot Energy Efficiency Association,


Turkish Cypriots hit by hyperinflation

Turkish Cypriots are seeing their earnings vanish due to inflation spirals, as the cost of living in the Turkish occupied north has increased by a staggering 110%. According to north’s statistical data,

EU: Turkish Cypriots must curb migrant influx

Breakaway Turkish Cypriots are responsible for stemming migrant arrivals, a senior European Union official said, as the number of asylum-seekers the Republic receives soars. European Commission Vice President Margaritis Schinas said that


Turkish Cypriots make stand on freedom of speech

Turkish Cypriot journalists have pushed back an attempt by authorities to limit the free press by introducing laws that essentially prohibit anyone from criticising the Turkish Cypriot leader or Turkey. Following a

Turkish Cypriots march against poverty

Thousands of Turkish Cypriots have taken to the streets, spurred by soaring inflation that has left many struggling to make ends meet, with demonstrators linking the financial demise to the north’s political

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