Half of Cyprus dams spill over after heavy rain

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Nine out of Cyprus’ 18 dams have overflowed, while the island’s largest dam at Kouris with a capacity of 112 mln cubic metres is also on the brink.

Following the heavy rainfall over the last four days, adding another 59.7 million cubic meters of water, the country’s reservoirs have reached 94.6% of their capacity.

As of Tuesday, total reserves stand at 94.6% of the total, amounting to 275.226 mcm, whereas on the same day last year, reserves were only at 24.3%.

Earlier on Tuesday morning, the Kannaviou reservoir became the ninth dam to overflow, according to the latest figures published by the Water Development Department (WDD) on their website.

The Kannaviou reservoir is the fourth largest in Cyprus and the third-largest in the Paphos district, with a storage capacity of 17.2 mcm of water.

The last time the dam overflowed was in 2012.

Other dams currently over their capacity are Kalavasos, Yermasoyia, Arminou, Asprokremmos, Argaka, Pomos, Xyliatos and Kalopanayiotis.

Limassol’s Kouris dam, the island’s largest reservoir, is also close to being full, with water levels currently at 96.6%. The dam is expected to overflow sometime on Wednesday with a large crowd expected to witness the rare phenomenon.

Responding to the WDD’s warnings, Cyprus police have closed the road above the reservoir until the situation is deemed safe again, issuing a warning to visitors to be extremely careful when visiting the dam.

The last time Kouris dam had overflowed was also eight years ago.