Cyprus-UK conduct air defence drill

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The air defence drill “Aphrodite Shield” was carried out with the participation of the Air Defence Units of Cyprus Air Command and UK aircraft of the Royal Air Force.

According to the Defence Ministry, the purpose of the drill, which was planned and coordinated by the Cyprus Air Command and the RAF, was to train National Guard air defence personnel in deployment tactics.

And to increase operational readiness and the level of standardisation in design and conducting air operations.

During the exercise, the island’s air defence system was activated and the auto-protection system of the National Guard facilities.

Its performance was evaluated in realistic conditions facing modern fighter aircraft.

In addition, personnel practised tactical weapons control procedures, information transmission, and air defence procedures.

“Tuesday’s drill, part of the Bilateral Defence Cooperation Program between the armed forces of the Republic and the UK, is particularly beneficial, as it provides the opportunity for the personnel to train together with UK units, thus promoting interoperability and the development of relations in the field of aviation cooperation,” the Defence Ministry said.