What happened to the Metaverse?

We are relentlessly told that the future is digital, and if we don’t upskill to compete online, we will die with the dinosaurs. Global tech firms were taking over the world, making


NFP says ‘What Recession!’

By Edward Moya The US economy is clearly not slowing as fast as many were thinking as the labour market remains robust. America added 372,000 NFP jobs in June, much better than


Stability amid tech earnings

By Craig Erlam Equity markets stabilised a little in the middle of the week, with big tech earnings failing to steer them significantly one way or another. It’s been a mixed bag


Jumpin’ Vlad flash cuts his gas

By Jeffrey Halley The Ukraine/Russia conflict has suffered some headline fatigue of late, and more than a little complacency by the world’s financial markets, as China’s slowdown fears grabbed centre-stage. The economic


Sorry for laughing

In Cyprus, nothing is worth laughing for yet everything around us is hilarious. Politicians take themselves super seriously, even though they are short on substance while overstocked with weak excuses. Our dysfunctional