COVID19: No SafePass with just one jab

Health authorities in Cyprus will be tweaking the criteria for the issue of a SafePass, with those who have only received the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine no longer be allowed

COVID19: Booster shots for over 80s

Cyprus health authorities pushed forward with their COVID-19 booster shot rollout reaching people aged 80 and above on Monday. Vaccinations are being carried out at the walk-in centres pending the tweaking of

COVID19: Booster shots delayed for over 80s

The Health Ministry on Wednesday announced that it will not be administering booster shots to the over 80s for now, due to a vigorous interest from those aged over 83. Ministry spokesperson

COVID19: Booster shot programme moving along

The Health Ministry said that the COVID-19 booster shot programme for vulnerable groups and the elderly in Cyprus is continuing at a satisfactory pace. After administering a third dose of a COVID-19

COVID19: 4 upgrades in new safe travel list

Cyprus upgraded France, Spain and the Netherlands from its high-risk ‘red’ to the medium-risk ‘orange’ category, while keeping its safest ‘green’ category unchanged under the latest COVID travel risk assessment released on


COVID19: 2 deaths, cases rise again

Cyprus reported two coronavirus deaths on Thursday, a rise in new cases to 145 and a drop in hospitalisations to 80, as booster jabs will be offered to 83 year olds from

COVID19: Booster shots for over 83s

The Health Ministry announced on Thursday that COVID-19 booster shots will be available for people in Cyprus over the age of 83 as of Monday. Those above 83 will be administered a

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