Fire reignites in Limassol, fears of high winds

Firefighting forces have been mobilised at the frontline of the fire in the Limassol district following a rekindling in the Apesia area. According to information from the coordinating centre in Apsiou, ground

Limassol wildfire finally under control

The massive Limassol wildfire was brought under control on Monday, with authorities informing evacuees that they could return home, as the fire was stopped just metres away from the village of Apsiou.

Renting in Limassol – forget it

Renting in Limassol has become a mission impossible, as real estate agents now report that long waiting lists are being formed, a first for the coastal city. High earners relocating to Cyprus,


Limassol bomber on electric scooter

A 32-year-old man has reportedly admitted being the contract bomber behind seven recent attacks in Limassol, allegedly admitting to delivering “orders” on an electric scooter. Following the man’s arrest, Limassol Police believe

Limassol stabbing now a double murder

Limassol Police are now investigating a double murder case after the second victim of a stabbing incident outside a Ypsonas bar succumbed to his injuries. The two Greek Cypriot suspects now face

Two arrested after Limassol murder

Police on Thursday arrested two people for murder and attempted murder during an attack outside a bar on a group of friends in the Limassol village of Ypsonas. This was the second

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