Narrowing the digital divide

A non-profit organisation of IT professionals wants to improve computer literacy to bridge the lack of talent, posing the biggest challenge the country faces on its path to becoming a regional tech

EuroAsia hiring engineers, key admin staff

EU-funded EuroAsia Interconnector is recruiting for key engineering and administration positions, offering a substantial pay and benefits package. The 2,000MW infrastructure, connecting the national electricity grids of Israel, Cyprus, and Greece, said


Voter appeal does not create jobs

It is sad that with the next presidential elections nine months away, what used to be a pro-business administration, aiming to boost entrepreneurship, build public sector efficiency, and combat corruption, has done


COVID boosted government staff hires

The number of government staff increased by 2.3% as demand for substitute teachers and other public sector jobs reached an all-time high, as people recovered from COVID-19 or stayed home to look

Soaring rents harm job market

There is a Catch-22 when seeking high-paid jobs, especially in Limassol, where exorbitant rents are a turn-off. This results in people having second thoughts when considering a career move to the fast-paced


The jobs future is digital

Efforts to attract big tech and fintech firms resulted in reputable companies relocating to the island with expectations that 2022 promises to be another boom year. Invest Cyprus, the state agency to

Labour market distortions

Averof Neophytou, the ruling party chair, raised the issue of minimum guaranteed income in parliament earlier this week, which is currently at €500 per month for people who have no source of


Cyprus unemployment falls to 6.6%

Those out of work reached 31,355 in Q3, 2021, with Cyprus’ unemployment rate dropping to 6.6% of the labour force (males 6.1%, females 7.2%), down from 37,234 (8.2%) in the same quarter

Cyprus Q2 job vacancies skyrocketed

The number of job vacancies in the second quarter of 2021 has jumped 77.3% as the market starts recovering from lockdown restrictions imposed to contain coronavirus. Increases in job vacancies are driven