Job vacancies down in 4Q 2022

The number of job vacancies dropped 19% in the fourth quarter last year, down by 1,822 to 7,821, compared to the same period in 2021, with the biggest demand in the ‘accommodation and


Foreign workers have rights too

After years of disagreements, heated debates and name-calling, the national minimum wage finally came into being on 1 January, ensuring an additional 40,000 workers in the private sector take home decent pay


National Minimum Wage comes into effect

The landmark National Minimum Wage of €940 per month and €885 for the first six months of employment became active on January 1 by the decree of Labour Minister Kyriacos Koushos. Some

Job vacancy rate drops to 2.2%

The job vacancy rate in the third quarter was 2.2%, down from the previous quarter (2.7%) and Q3 2021 (2.4%), according to the Cyprus Statistical Service. The number of job vacancies in


Average gross earnings hit decade high

Annual average gross monthly earnings of employees in 2021 increased by 3.2% to €2,067, reaching a decade high. In monetary terms, the average gross monthly earnings have increased by 3.2% compared to

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