New job opportunities

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Unemployment has decreased from 20% (2013) to 6%, and there is a trend of continuous decline.

At the same time, there are serious shortages in various sectors, such as construction, e.g., craftsmen, labourers, hotel industry and others.

Parents often ask me for advice on what their children could do professionally in the construction industry but not in the traditional professions.

I offer a thought in suitable jobs for those who, for one reason or another, do not wish to study a profession desired by their parents, with some suggestions that suit their temperament and entrepreneurial talent.

In any case, for any job, basic education is needed in the profession one chooses, while organisational skills, personality, consistency, and good behaviour are key qualifications for success.

As much as some may think that the following jobs are of low-income level and prestige, I assure you that in most cases, the earnings are remarkable and exceed the initial incomes of university graduates.

Even the prospects presented for income growth are unlimited, and it is possible to develop these into very good businesses in the form of multifaceted company services.

With the relaxation of hiring foreign employees, including foreign students and asylum seekers/refugees, there is a possibility of foreigners for the following jobs. For those who wish to have a full-fledged business, studying is worthwhile.

  • Swimming pools – A “peripheral” job is the regular cleaning of the pool with knowledge about the placement of chemicals, the use of timers and selection of power timers, and the basic mechanical concept for proper operation.

Due to the concentration of a large number of swimming pools, it offers group cleaning in designated areas (1 person can clean six small commercial pools a day) in commercial residential projects, especially in tourist areas. At a cost of at least €110-120/month (1 time per week as minimum), plus chemicals, it is understandable how much room for profit this leaves. This charge increases if the “maintenance” also has some mechanical control knowledge. This job is scarce today due to the lack of quality staff in multiple projects for their employment.

  • Gardens – Regardless of the size of the garden and with particular reference to relatively comfortable large gardens with routine visits, garden maintenance, cutting the wild grass and mowing the lawn, pruning of trees and hedges by crews or people who master the basic topics of gardening, are difficult to find. In one of our projects of 8 houses, with very small gardens, the charge is €300/month all year round (x8). It’s not bad pay for a work visit once every 15 days.
  • Dogs – With the thousands of dogs and our “I’m bored” mentality, dog walking, bathing, and dog hotel (which usually includes charging for dog food) is a good, high-income profession. For example, I mention that for 2 dogs, the cost of hotel, food, and bath is €200/month (twice a month), plus a charge of €20/twice daily for a walk (if the right person is found). A young man from Nicosia, with a law degree from the UK and a love for dogs, has recently started a business dealing with dog training with an unexpectedly high income.
  • Minor repairs and odd jobs – It is almost impossible to find a workshop that covers general minor corrections, such as painting, carpentry correction, repairs to appliances (air conditioners, refrigerator, TV, and other household appliances) and with a charge of 50-100% in addition to the normal charge. For a refrigerator in Platres and its maintenance, the amount charged came to €200 for a 10-minute visit (although distance should be considered).
  • Car driver – If you want a chauffeur service with your car, but also with suitable people, calculate that your cost will be 30% more expensive than a regular taxi, but then your driver will be waiting for you outside, around the clock. Impressive for your business and especially for those who return home intoxicated.
  • Personal Chef – Apart from the whole “beautiful picture” itself, preparing food in your home, these chefs with some talents are not easy to find. On a recent visit to a friend’s house, the cost of the chef amounted to €30/person (+ cost of food + drink). Comparatively not very high compared to a visit to a quality restaurant, while the young chef explained the recipe to us with an impressive, imaginative presentation. It makes a special impression, especially for guests from abroad.
  • Catering – Quality home organisers have become such a rare species, and despite the existence of some, one particular organiser in Limassol has now expanded into Nicosia, Protaras. Excellent service with barbeque spits and doughnuts – Cost around €40/person + drinks (this particular organiser has so much work that parties are organised according to when he has availability and not when the client wants).
  • Quality guides for private tours – Using electric cars and electric bicycles for guided tours within towns is a “new” job that, with the charge of €200/day (4 passengers), is an alternative business, especially for tour guides.

Do not believe that the young or otherwise professional must perform the work independently. It needs proper organisation and the employment of others for the execution but with constant supervision.

  • Other interesting small businesses are the following:
  • Office cleaning
  • Ironing at home
  • Home visits by carers and physiotherapists
  • Car wash at your home, even at double the cost
  • Private tutoring and kindergarten teachers.

So, we have some jobs not directly related to the construction industry, and I cannot fully understand why so many people on minimum guaranteed wage cry over their fate.


Antonis Loizou F.R.I.C.S. – Antonis Loizou & Associates EPE – Property Appraisers, Property Sellers & Development Project Managers