Army under fire for gender discrimination

Cyprus’ Defence Ministry came under fire for ‘gender-based’ discrimination against female personnel, as evidence emerges it follows a dual-standard policy for promoting women through the ranks. A representative of the Ombudsman and

Cyprus narrowing gender pay gap

Although gender inequality exists, efforts to eradicate the pay gap between men and women in Cyprus produce results, said Labour Minister Zeta Emilianidou. “Despite progress in reducing the pay gap between men

Pandemic pauses gender equality

The coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on gender equality, increasing inequality, injustice and discrimination against women across the EU, with Cyprus slightly improving on the Gender Equality Index. The island ranked


Cyprus gender equality improving

Cyprus is among those countries in the EU where the gender gap has narrowed the most, according to the Gender Equality Index 2021. “Europe has made fragile gains in gender equality. But


Give youth, gender a voice

In 10 weeks, Cyprus will choose a new parliament, an outcome that will determine voter maturity and their eagerness to engage in matters of society, health, education, the economy, and the country’s