Glass doors, low ceilings

It seems that women’s rights are not taken seriously in Cyprus, worst of all by women themselves. The argument about narrowing and eventually closing gender gaps in the workplace, business, public service,


Cypriot receives IMO Gender Equality Award

Cypriot Despina Theodosiou has received the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) first Gender Equality Award. According to the Deputy Ministry of Shipping, the decision was taken during the 130th Session of the IMO Council

Men behaving badly

Cyprus hasn’t moved too far down the diversity road, with gender equality also proving problematic, while sexual identity is another unspoken sensitive issue. I’m not sure what counts for sex education in


Cyprus ranks 106 for gender equality

Cyprus ranks 22 among the EU-27 for gender equality with a poor ranking of 106 among 146 countries globally, Commissioner for Gender Equality Josie Christodoulou said. She addressed Tuesday’s public consultation event


Gender equality needs improving

Commissioner for Gender Equality, Josie Christodoulou said that gender gap issues in Cyprus need urgent improvement. She held her first meeting with contact points of all ministries and deputy ministries, aiming at integrating the

Bridging the IT gender gap

Information technology is one of the most dynamic fields constantly evolving and significantly affecting our daily lives: the way we live, the way we work and the way we communicate. However, the


Going silent on gender equality

International Women’s Day in Cyprus is championed with such fervour as if there is collective guilt about all the things we are not putting right. Everyone in the political arena wheeled out

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