Cyprus football among Europe’s moneymakers

Despite being battered by two years of the pandemic, Cypriot football has emerged fairly unscathed from the coronavirus crisis and back to making serious cash, according to the Cyprus Football Association. CFA

Will Europe go dark for Ukraine

As the attack on Ukraine becomes entrenched, European politicians are finding it harder to sing from the greatest hits song sheet of sanctions against Russia. Going for the oligarchs was the easy


Shock and awe of energy war

Ukraine’s decision on 11 May to stop some Russian gas flows to Europe has sent shivers down the markets. This happened at an entry point on Ukraine’s eastern border called Sokhranovka, which


Aftershocks of the Ukraine war

The end of the Cold War, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, left a situation based on promises but nothing in writing. East Germany was incorporated into the Federal Republic of


Cyprus economy facing ‘double whammy’

  European economies like Cyprus are facing the “twin problem” of rising commodity and energy prices and heightened uncertainty following the invasion of Russia in Ukraine, experts argued. “The war really threatens the

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