59.2% receive higher education

In 2022, 59.2% of the population of Cyprus aged 25 – 34 (42% in the EU) had a tertiary level of educational attainment, according to Eurostat. In 72 out of the 240 NUTS


Life expectancy drops

Life expectancy in Cyprus fell to 81.3 years in 2021 compared to 82.4 the year before, the latest Eurostat data show. According to Eurostat, during the last decade, life expectancy in the


Middle East diplomacy is absent

The situation in Gaza is escalating to unprecedented levels, where under the guise of defeating terrorism or occupation, the week-long war is fast reaching a point of no return, creating a humanitarian


Limassol hosts M&Ι Europe Summer forum

Limassol will host the M&I Europe Summer 2023 forum from August 30 to September 2, bringing together over 300 service and product providers in conferences and events, plus tourist incentives. The event’s

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