Europe’s LNG strategy is flawed

The current European natural gas markets still are looking at very high price settings, while demand is below historical levels, and supply could be hit by Asian demand increases. Since the Russian


Five Med states unhappy with asylum burden

Less than a week after a deadly migrant shipwreck off Italy, five European Union states on the Mediterranean have criticised fellow members for not accepting asylum-seekers under a voluntary relocation initiative. The


Europe in global race for metals, minerals

With global supply chains under immense pressure, concerns have been raised over whether Europe can rapidly shift to renewable energy technologies, like wind turbines and solar panels, which need considerable quantities of


Cyprus tourism proves resilient

Cyprus has proven its resilience in the face of the crises like the coronavirus pandemic and the Ukraine war, said tourism boss Savvas Perdios citing improved tourist arrivals for 2022. Tourist arrivals


Aftershocks of Qatargate

Almost everyone in Cyprus is cringing at the idea that any day now, a Cypriot link to the Qatargate will surface, either in the form of a shell-company smokescreen to take the


Any recession will be mild, short-lived

If it comes, Europe can expect a mild and relatively short-lived economic recession as high inflation is tamed, said Cyprus Central Bank governor Constantinos Herodotou. He said the ECB’s objective is to restore

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