We need EuroAsia after all

The EuroAsia interconnection project must move forward. The future of energy worldwide, and in Cyprus, is green energy and renewable energy sources (RES). We cannot increase the penetration of RES by more


Fake clouds over EuroAsia cable

A clean-energy start-up, ready by 2030, aims to become the world’s longest subsea interconnector, supplying Britain with about 10.5 gigawatts of electricity, enough for 7 million households, or about 8% of the


Electricity bills rise 109% in three years

Households have seen their power bills more than double since 2020, as Cyprus has become the seventh most expensive in the European Union for electricity. Based on official data from the Cyprus

Cyprus needs to address energy challenges

Energy Minister George Papanastasiou said the energy sector in Cyprus “is currently facing significant challenges” with the high cost of power generation. He told the diaspora conference that addressing these challenges was

Consumers want fuel, electricity subsidies back

The Cyprus Consumer Association is demanding the government reinstates two subsidy schemes for fuel and electricity, scrapped in July, as the cost-of-living spirals. The association’s chair Marios Drousiotis is warning that higher

Record high demand for electricity

Consumers are reassured they will not face blackouts triggered by the record high energy demand from air-conditioning units working overtime during the sweltering summer. As Cyprus enters a second week of extremely

Calls for electricity subsidy return

Scorching temperatures prevailing over Cyprus are testing the island’s power production capacity, feeding growing calls for the government to rethink its decision to scrap an electricity bill subsidy. With air-conditioning units working