Dining out becomes challenging

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As the cost of living surge takes its toll, keeping up a vibrant social life has become an arduous endeavour, as dining out and ordering food are becoming increasingly elusive luxuries for Cypriots.

The cost of going out for a meal or drink has increased since 2021, with data from the statistical service (CyStat) revealing how expensive it has become to get out of the house.

According to the latest CyStat report, the price of beer rose 4.9% in October year-on-year compared to a 3.3% rise last year and a 1.4% rise in 2021.

The cost of other spirits and liqueur rose 6% yoy, compared to a 2.4% rise last year and a negative change of 1.6% in 2021.

The price of wine rose 7.2% in October; last year, the price increase was 2.8%, but in 2021 the price fell 4%.

The price of coffee has become particularly bitter, recording a yoy 11.1% increase this October, compared to a 17.5% rise last year. In 2021, coffee prices had dropped 0.6%.

Soft drinks have not been spared, going up 11.4% in October compared to an increase of 8.7% last year and 1.3% in 2021.

Entertainment and sports services rose 3.6% in October year-on-year, compared with a 9.3% rise last year and 1.1% in 2021.

Prices at hotels, motels and inns rose 10.7% in October year-over-year, from 11.9% last year to 3.5% in 2021.

The cost of domestic holiday packages has remained unchanged from 2021, while prices for international package holidays rose 6.1% in October year-on-year compared to a 6.5% rise last year and no change in 2021.

The cost of fast food and takeaway services jumped 6.3% in October year-on-year compared to a 12.6% increase last year and 2.1% in 2021; canteen prices rose 4.6% in October from 7.9% last year and saw a 0.4% price drop in 2021.

Dining out in October was 5.3% more expensive than a year earlier, while the yoy increase recorded in October 2022 was 9.3% and in 2021 was 0.6%.

At the same time, the cost of visiting a hair salon increased by 4.9% this October after increasing 7.9% last year and 1.4% in 2021.

Men’s and children’s haircuts were 0.8% more expensive in October, compared to a yoy increase of 6.1% recorded last year.

Prices for other personal grooming treatments rose 4.7% in October year-on-year versus 2.1% last year and 0.2% in 2021.