Ukraine solidarity low among Cypriots

European Union citizens remain steadfast in confirming the EU’s backing for Ukraine after Russia’s invasion, with 74% approving of this support except in Cyprus. According to the European Parliament’s Autumn 2022 Eurobarometer


One in ten Cypriots diabetic

Cyprus is joining a global awareness campaign over diabetes, as one in every ten Cypriots is diagnosed with the disease, said the Health Ministry. The ministry’s National Diabetes Committee, on the occasion


Cypriots worried about cost-of-living

Six out of ten Cypriots feel the country is getting worse, with more than 70% saying they can’t make ends meet, according to a CyBC opinion poll. And 62%  of participants thought

Turkish Cypriots vow to open all Varosha

In a move likely to create more friction, Turkish Cypriot authorities said they plan to open the entire fenced-off ghost town of Varosha in phases. In an interview with the Turkish daily

Fewer Cypriots at risk of poverty

Cypriots are at a lower risk of falling into poverty or social exclusion than their fellow Europeans, with the rate dropping to 17.3% in 2021, compared to the EU’s average of 21.7%.

Cypriots don’t trust bank employees

Cypriots do not trust bank employees for advice on their finances compared to other EU citizens, but they believe in advertising material more, according to a Eurobarometer. The Eurobarometer examined the relationship


Over 29,300 Cypriots have long Covid

Data collected by the Long Covid Cyprus network of patient associations from the Health Insurance Organisation showed that 29,377 people suffered from long covid symptoms. The evidence is based on two questionnaires

Turkish Cypriot leadership wants UNFICYP out

The Turkish Cypriot leadership is playing hardball with the United Nations peacekeeping force in Cyprus (UNFICYP), which demands they either recognise the breakaway state or leave the north. In an interview with