Climate action needs regional approach

This week, the Foreign Ministers of Cyprus, Israel, and Greece reiterated their commitment to trilateral agreements and cooperation. The head of the Cypriot diplomatic service revealed one of the topics discussed, beyond


Climate change, what happens next?

By Dr Andreas Poulikkas The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently published a new study on global warming and its future effects. The lengthy paper, written by 234 scientists


Extreme weather is not a random event

Around the globe, the weather is changing; it’s becoming more extreme and unstable from flash floods in Germany, wildfires in Cyprus and snow in Brasil. We are witnesses to a climate phenomenon;


‘Fit for 55’ package unworkable

As part of their “Fit for 55” package to address the climate crisis, shipping-related proposals issued by the European Commission may prove ineffective, the biggest shipping organisation in Cyprus warned. Despite acknowledging


Economics needs a climate revolution

By Tom Brookes & Gernot Wagner  Nowhere are the limitations of neoclassical economic thinking – the DNA of economics as it is currently taught and practiced – more apparent than in the


Warmer week after Monday showers

Temperatures are expected to rise throughout the week, after Monday saw sudden showers, mainly in the inland, as people enjoyed a warm Kataklysmos public holiday to head to the beaches. Unstable aerial