Climate change, what happens next?

By Dr Andreas Poulikkas The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently published a new study on global warming and its future effects. The lengthy paper, written by 234 scientists


Extreme weather is not a random event

Around the globe, the weather is changing; it’s becoming more extreme and unstable from flash floods in Germany, wildfires in Cyprus and snow in Brasil. We are witnesses to a climate phenomenon;


‘Fit for 55’ package unworkable

As part of their “Fit for 55” package to address the climate crisis, shipping-related proposals issued by the European Commission may prove ineffective, the biggest shipping organisation in Cyprus warned. Despite acknowledging


Economics needs a climate revolution

By Tom Brookes & Gernot Wagner  Nowhere are the limitations of neoclassical economic thinking – the DNA of economics as it is currently taught and practiced – more apparent than in the


Warmer week after Monday showers

Temperatures are expected to rise throughout the week, after Monday saw sudden showers, mainly in the inland, as people enjoyed a warm Kataklysmos public holiday to head to the beaches. Unstable aerial

Investing in climate action

By Ursula von der Leyen & Werner Hoyer In Europe, we have heard the warnings about climate change. We know that if our industrial, energy, transportation, and food systems do not change,