Family businesses must evolve

Family businesses must evolve to continue being the backbone of Cyprus’ economy, shake off the coronavirus pandemic and deal with the impact of the war in Ukraine. Family firms in Cyprus, accounting

Businesses fall into Greenwashing trap

Leaders worldwide are reaffirming their commitment to accelerate measures to fight climate change. Similarly, Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank (ECB), recently stated the fight against climate change is on


 Blockchain can revolutionise businesses

The emerging blockchain technology became known through Bitcoin, the first practical application of this technology. However, the prospects of blockchain technology do not stop at cryptocurrencies. Around the world, companies from all


Businesses increased during pandemic

The number of businesses in Cyprus rose for a fourth consecutive year in 2020, albeit the annual rise was contained to 2% due to the Coronavirus pandemic. According to the enterprise registry

COVID19: Businesses doubt Safe Pass scan

A week before businesses are obliged to scan customer Safe Pass documents electronically; retailers have expressed their concerns as the application (CovScan) has proved problematic. The government allowed a grace period for

COVID19: Businesses must scan Safe Pass

From Monday, businesses are obliged to verify their clients’ Safe Pass validity using an application designed by the Deputy Ministry of Innovation, called CovScan. The cabinet-approved decision is perceived as a move

€30 mln funding for new businesses

Cyprus Commerce Minister Natasa Pilides presented a €30 mln New Business Activity Scheme, contributing to the €121 mln the ministry has put forward to support entrepreneurship. Pilides said schemes to support entrepreneurship

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