Ankara suggests ‘joint gas exploitation’

Turkey has proposed “joint exploitation” of Cyprus’ natural resources to abandon the talks framework based on a bizonal, bicommunal federal solution for one of two states. Turkish Foreign Affairs Minister Hakan Fidan

Ankara ire over US submarine visit

Nicosia does not perceive any disruption of the military balance after the Turkish-occupied north and Turkey denounced the visit of the USS San Juan submarine, which docked at Limassol. Government Spokesperson Konstantinos Letymbiotis


Ankara accused of stoking tensions

Nicosia accused Turkey of distorting reality to create tensions after Ankara said Cyprus was disturbing the region’s stability with its recent war games with Israel. “We are disappointed to observe the escalation

EU kneels to Ankara’s aggression

Even after weeks of increased tension in the East Mediterranean and Libya, caused by continuing Turkish provocations or outright military involvement (Libya), threats (Greece, Cyprus), Brussels has shown its weakness. Again, it