Empowering Young Adults with Autism

Voice for Autism, an NGO focused on helping young adults with Autism build meaningful, connected lives, announced a partnership with Artemiou, Pieri & Associates LLC, a prominent full-service Cyprus-based firm. The collaboration

COVID19: Cyprus jabs 86.7% of adults

The percentage of fully vaccinated adults against COVID-19 in Cyprus has reached 86.7%, according to the Health Ministry. Evagoras Tambouris, deputy director of Nursing Services at the Health Ministry, told CNA that 12,553

COVID19: Booster shots for young adults

Booster shots are available to all adults over 18 from Wednesday, provided that six months have elapsed since they were fully vaccinated, with authorities reporting an uptick in COVID-19 jab rates. People

COVID19: Booster shots for all adults

To improve its coronavirus vaccination coverage, Cyprus has decided to administer booster shots to its adult population aged 18 and above. Anyone over 18 can get a booster provided they completed their

COVID19: EU fully vaccinates 70% of adults

The European Commission said Tuesday; the 27-member bloc has reached a crucial milestone with 70% of the adult population now fully vaccinated. Over 256 million adults in the EU have now received