Empowering Young Adults with Autism

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Voice for Autism, an NGO focused on helping young adults with Autism build meaningful, connected lives, announced a partnership with Artemiou, Pieri & Associates LLC, a prominent full-service Cyprus-based firm.

The collaboration expands Voice for Autism’s reach and impact as the two organizations join forces to advocate for the basic human rights and empowerment of people with Autism.

Voice for Autism advocates for the rights of individuals with Autism to access the necessary support and structures to achieve their highest potential and live a life enriched with independence and opportunity.

Artemiou, Pieri & Associates, with its team of highly qualified legal, management, and corporate finance professionals, is a true advocate for positive change.

By expanding its pro bono program, the firm is demonstrating a deep commitment to social responsibility and inclusivity.

Through state-of-the-art technology and a dedication to efficient legal counsel, Artemiou, Pieri & Associates LLC is well-positioned to make a lasting impact alongside Voice for Autism.

“We are thrilled to embark on this meaningful journey with Voice for Autism. What Voice for Autism has achieved in the last 18 months is impressive,” said Artemis Artemiou, Managing Director at Artemiou, Pieri & Associates.

“Our shared values and desire to make impactful change align perfectly, and we are determined to provide the legal expertise and support needed to do so.”

This partnership sees the firm working closely with Voice for Autism to offer legal guidance and support that aligns with the NGO’s mission.

Voice for Autism President and Co-founder Ellen Georgiou Pontikis said: “Our collaboration with Artemiou, Pieri & Associates is a powerful step forward in our efforts to secure a brighter future for young adults with Autism.

“Together, we will amplify their voices and work towards promoting social inclusion, advancing independence and creating opportunities.

“We are preparing our first residents to enter our group homes and are hard at work developing a social enterprise scheme that is true social innovation and a prototype for other such projects on the island. “