Residential property sales rising

Residential property sales have shot up by 38% in the first half of 2021 compared to the same period in coronavirus-stricken 2020. According to the Land Registry Office data, registered residential property


House prices stable, property rentals drop

Cyprus real estate prices & rentals recorded quarter-on-quarter drops across most property categories, but house values remained stable, according to consultancy firm WiRE FS. Paphos had some of the biggest quarter-on-quarter drops


Out with the new, refurbish the old

Increased building costs, limited availability of suitable housing within town centres, the burden of VAT, the lack of title deeds has turned housing demand towards older properties, which require repair. In this


No respite from noisy neighbours

As construction activity grows, especially for residential properties (houses, apartments), quiet enjoyment in cohabitation becomes more important. Regrettably, there are no building regulations regarding noise, such as double insulated dividing walls between

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