Fixing political potholes

The new President, who takes office in five months, needs to set some urgent priorities, chief among them the island’s division, the energy crisis and its impact on household incomes. Not to


Supercharging alternative energy

One would think that with the abundance of free natural resources, mainly from the sun, Cyprus would have invested heavily, over the years, not only in tapping solar energy but also in


Social justice = fair pay

Sadly, discussing a minimum wage or collective labour agreement is only hotly contested as a political tool, leveraged when we have elections. The late Zeta Emilianidou tried throughout her nine years in


Resist slogan politics

The presidential election campaign, well underway with over a dozen candidates coming forward, could be as divisive for Cyprus as for the rest of Europe, bracing for an energy crisis, rising inflation


Justice reform catching up, are police?

Justice reform, a long-overdue process to slash legal proceedings by half the time and decongest the courts, is begrudgingly getting underway, but Cypriots have lost confidence and trust in public institutions. Historical

Who cares about patient rights?

State doctors’ demands and the Health Ministry succumbing to pressure, especially in an election year, suggests that patient rights have been thrown out with the bedpan. The public watches with awe the


Clean energy is the future

During her brief visit to three strategic states this week, vital to the European Union’s energy security and supply, the EU Commission President had a lot to say, directed to many, at


Redefining relations with Britain

Most of the tributes to Queen Elizabeth II on the occasion of her Platinum Jubilee, a historic achievement attained by no other British monarch, referred to her being the single “constant” in

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