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Untangling the viper’s nest

Having done almost nothing to clean house during the current parliamentary term, and with their seats shaking with the fear of not getting re-elected, MPs are now jumping on the ethics bandwagon.


Israel can give Cyprus more tangible support

The joint military exercise this week between Cyprus and Israel – Onisilos/Gideon – went smoothly and “with absolute success” according to the Defence Ministry with the beneficiaries undoubtedly being the visiting side,


A year on from Wuhan, the outlook is gloomy

It’s been almost a year since SARS-CoV-2 was discovered in Wuhan. The absence of transparency by the Chinese authorities and the lack of quick, effective response from governments around the world allowed


Corruption turns wine into waste

The government could not have given a poorer excuse for its shortcomings and fall from grace than when it claimed parliament blocking the 2021 budget would “jeopardise welfare and development” spending. What


Fighting culture wars, gender bias

Fury over the education ministry’s appointment of a male-dominated advisory council to set up a junior ministry for culture took the argument in the wrong direction. It drifted exactly where the administration


Puffing on a COVID nightmare

The Covid-19 situation is clearly out of control with complacency and general stupidity jeopardising public safety. Fears of imposing a second lockdown are very real, which this time could be harsher on


It’s about the economy, stupid

We have been hearing about sustainability and job creation ever since the incumbent ‘pro-business’ administration came into office the first time around, over seven years ago. We were supposed to transform into


Politicians to blame for voter apathy

The traditional political parties have already embarked on their election campaigns, planning for May 2021, where they hope, at best, to maintain their seats in the 56-member House. Judging from the growing

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