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Mind the digital gap

If there’s one thing that the impact from the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us, is that Cyprus continues to face an enormous digital gap, despite the high level of university graduates and


No game-changers in Anastasiades reshuffle

Nicos Anastasiades’ reshuffle is a clear indication that, halfway into his second term, the president is keen to embark on ribbon-cutting exercises than leave a legacy of peacemaker and economic saviour. The


Energy independence must be top priority

News of the anticipated departure of Energy Minister George Lakkotrypis did not come as a shock, considering one of the longest-serving members of the Anastasiades administration had expressed his willingness to step


State needs to restore public confidence

Cyprus state officials need to brush up on their restoring public confidence skills, as people are tired of them sweeping everything under the carpet or blaming  ‘the system’ for everything from corruption


From digital nomads to digital natives

What Cyprus needed all this time was for someone, anyone, to take the initiative and lead the country in efforts to close the digital divide. Random initiatives remained uncoordinated with no one