A minimum wage for all?

It took several years of hard-fought negotiations among social partners in Cyprus to conclude a national minimum wage, set in stone earlier this year, with an option to increase it in the


Glass doors, low ceilings

It seems that women’s rights are not taken seriously in Cyprus, worst of all by women themselves. The argument about narrowing and eventually closing gender gaps in the workplace, business, public service,


Cutting corners on quality

A recent survey by the Consumers Association should have rung alarm bells throughout the leisure industry but was overlooked by the tourism establishment, namely the hoteliers, restaurant and bar owners, the deputy


Israel sitting on the fence

Ever since Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, unleashing the wrath of the Israeli defence forces in Gaza, the world watched in horror as the details of the attack and the kidnaps


Police reform locked away

With about 5,000 officers, one would expect Cyprus police to be better equipped, with the right personnel, to anticipate, if not to deter, the double underworld killings, one of which could have


Energy policy flickers in darkness

Successive governments have declared for over a decade that they want to develop the island’s onshore and offshore resources for Cyprus to become an energy hub, linking the Middle East, northern Africa,


Education is stable earner

After each new administration is voted into office, we hear promises of a facelift that will “redefine the Cyprus economy”, and the island will be transformed into a hub, from a financial