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From digital nomads to digital natives

What Cyprus needed all this time was for someone, anyone, to take the initiative and lead the country in efforts to close the digital divide. Random initiatives remained uncoordinated with no one

COVID19: Passing the crisis management test

Three things the coronavirus pandemic taught us is that technology is not a bad thing, in a post-social distancing era we should reconsider our values, and despite taxpayer’s millions for the health

SMEs will foot the bill, again!

It’s the 2012-13 banking collapse and financial crisis all over again. Only this time around, despite grandiose announcements of financial aid, it is obvious that the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will


Time to get gender-serious

It’s Women’s Day once again, when everybody hops on the equality bandwagon, adding a tag of their choosing to “gender-” to show the general public that they care about inequality issues. President

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