Larnaca climbing development ladder

Once lagging in urban development compared to the other cities, Larnaca is now at the forefront, argue stakeholders, pointing to key projects about to take off. Talking to the Financial Mirror, the

Bar raised for Cyprus retirees

UK and other non-EU pensioners eyeing a retirement home in Cyprus are being pushed to rethink their plans as authorities raise the bar for residence permits, temporary or otherwise. The changes come

Crypto world votes Cyprus

Despite its small size, Cyprus’s ambition of becoming a fintech hub has been boosted by the decision of Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading platform, to establish a presence on the island.


Ukraine key for Archbishop elections

The thorny issue of recognising the recently proclaimed independence of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and Russia’s invasion is decisive in the campaign for the Archbishop’s throne. Almost half of the Holy Synod

More Hollywood glitter for Olivewood

Olivewood, Cyprus’ rebranded audiovisual industry, is again under the spotlight as yet another multi-million production aims to hit cinemas in early 2023 in a reputation boost. The film The Islander, starring Agni


Turkish Cypriots pounded by inflation

Turkish Cypriots are seeing their purchasing power disappear, as prices of essential goods have skyrocketed within the past year, with inflation in the north recording a year-on-year 120% increase in October. According

Society is getting angrier

Cyprus society is simmering at melting point under the pressure of the cost of living while corruption scandals spread disillusionment, say psychologists. An increase in violent incidents at football matches, municipalities reporting

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