Cyprus evolving into cybersecurity hub

Cyprus has set out to serve as a communication bridge between the Middle East and Europe in cybersecurity. The island is positioning itself as a key regional cybersecurity services hub and will

Cyprus must confront past sins

Cyprus must face up to sins of the past and serve out punishment for financial fixers and high-ranking politicians implicated in money laundering and sanction busting if it wants to thrive as

Celebrating Erasmus Days

Cyprus joined celebrations of the Erasmus Days organised across the European Union, honouring cultural diversity to “make Europe shine”. Celebrating cultural diversity and making Europe shine is about sharing how Europe allows


Limassol is King of Forex

Forex and Fintech companies established in Limassol over the past few decades have no plans of leaving, as they remain highly enthusiastic about the opportunities presented by the vibrant city. Limassol has

Halloumi PDO status under threat

Another sorry chapter was added to the Halloumi saga, as cattle farmers, cheesemakers and the government fire at each other, accusing the other side of not sticking to a truce struck last


‘Solar systems for all’ to launch

The Finance and Energy Ministries have approved a grant scheme, “Photovoltaics for all”, encouraging homeowners to install solar systems on their roofs. With the latest scheme promoted by the government, any homeowner