Cypriots can’t get rid of the blues

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Cyprus appears to have taken a little dip in the happiness pool, sliding down four spots from last year to a somewhat respectable 50th position in the World Happiness Report.

Covering 143 countries, the report highlights Cyprus’s consecutive decline in happiness rankings over the past two years, with a previous high of 41st place.

Even though Cyprus has seen its overall happiness take a bit of a dip over the years, the youngsters still top the charts as the happiest bunch, while the older folks are feeling a tad less peachy, according to the report compiled by Gallup, the Oxford Wellbeing Research Centre and the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

The island’s younger crowd (under 30s) is still kicking it at 51st place on the happiness scale, between Montenegro and South Korea.

Meanwhile, the elders over 60 aren’t feeling quite as chipper, clocking in at 57th place, indicating notably lower levels of happiness, stuck between Panama and Honduras.

In the grand scheme of global happiness, Finland’s still rocking the crown for the fourth year running, with Denmark, Iceland and Sweden keeping the good vibes flowing.

Cyprus might’ve slipped a bit, but it’s still doing better than its neighbours Greece and Turkey, landing at 64th and 98th places, respectively. Chin up, Cyprus!

On the flip side, Afghanistan’s got the blues, claiming the title of the least happy country on the planet, with Lebanon, Lesotho, Sierra Leone and the Congo rounding up the bottom five.