Swiss, Danish tourists biggest spenders in November

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Tourists from Switzerland and Denmark were the biggest spenders in Cyprus in November, paying €140.33 and €116.81 per day, respectively, a third more than the daily average expenditure of €80.7, according to official statistics.

Tourists from Finland, Germany and Norway were next, with a daily spend of €106.22, €103.24 and €102.29, respectively.

The monthly Passengers Survey carried out by the Statistical Service Cystat showed that revenue from tourism reached €113.7 mln in November, compared to €96.4 mln in the corresponding month of the previous year, an increase of 17.9%.

For the January-November period, revenue from tourism is estimated at €2,916.3 mln compared to €2,381.6 mln in the same period of 2022, an increase of 22.5%.

The average expenditure per person was €712.63 in November, compared to €643.38 in November 2022, up 10.8%.

Americans stayed longest

For the duration of their stay, tourists from the U.S. were the biggest spenders at €1,314.15 per person, but for a longer average stay of 20.6 days.

Swiss tourists spent €1,066.48 per person and stayed an average of 7.6 days, followed by holidaymakers from Denmark (€922.78 – 7.9 days), Germany (€887.84 – 8.6 days), and Israel (€876.48 – 12.3 days).

Tourist arrivals from Israel dropped to 6,228 in November, about a third of the 17,380 in November 2022, while their daily spend also dropped to about half, from €151.69 to €71.26.

Tourists from the United Kingdom (the largest tourist market with 26.8% of the total tourists in November) spent on average €71.75 per day and stayed an average 11.1 days, while tourists from Poland (the second largest market with 11.8% of total tourists) spent on average €81.20.