Cypriots happy with EU

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The latest Eurobarometer reveals that seven out of ten Cypriots believe that their country has benefited from being an EU member state, impacting both the nation and their personal lives.

Just six months before the European Parliamentary elections in June 2024, 67% of respondents in Cyprus, nearing the EU average of 72%, believe that their country has gained from EU accession.

In a noteworthy statistic, Cyprus stands out with the highest percentage (87%, versus an average of 70% in the EU) of respondents who acknowledge that actions in Brussels influence their daily lives.

However, Cypriots’ enthusiasm to vote in EU Parliament elections is relatively low, with only 50% indicating their intention to cast a vote. The EP elections will be held throughout the EU on June 6-9 and in Cyprus will coincide with the vote for mayors of the newly merged municipalities.

In the broader EU context, 68% of respondents in the Eurobarometer would participate in European elections if they were to take place immediately.

Public health emerges as the top concern for Cypriots, with 50% emphasising its importance at the forefront of the state’s agenda.

Following closely are concerns about the economy and job creation (43%) and the battle against poverty and social exclusion (42%).

Other priorities include immigration and asylum (23%), democracy and the rule of law, humanitarian and development aid (22% each), actions against climate change, the fight against terrorism and organised crime, and the defense and security of the EU, including the protection of its external borders (20% each).

Future of Europe

In addition to these priorities, respondents also highlight consumer rights (17%), the future of Europe (15%), EU autonomy in the industry and energy sectors, and agricultural policy (10% each), gender equality, inclusion, and diversity (5%), and the digitisation of the European economy and society (3%).

An overwhelming 86% of respondents in Cyprus express a desire for the European Parliament to play a more substantial role in shaping state policies.

Regarding the broader European perspective, EP research indicates that more than seven in ten European citizens believe their countries have benefited from EU participation.

Key reasons cited by respondents include the EU’s contributions to peacekeeping and security (34%) and enhanced cooperation among Union countries (34%).

The overall perception of the EU remains stable, with 45% of Europeans having a positive view, 38% neutral, and 16% negative, as of March 2023.

In Cyprus, 41% of citizens view the Union positively, while 33% are neutral, and 25% hold a negative view. Additionally, 67% of respondents in Cyprus believe that their country has gained from its participation in the EU.

EP President Roberta Metsola said, “this Eurobarometer shows that Europe matters. In this challenging geopolitical and socio-economic context, citizens trust the European Union to find solutions.

“The overwhelming majority of Europeans believe that EU actions have had a positive impact on their daily lives.”