European Parliament to debate ‘Cyprus Confidential’  

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Findings of the far-reaching Cyprus Confidential investigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) will be discussed on 22 November during the European Parliament Plenary in Strasbourg.

Representatives of the Commission and the Council of the EU will be present.

The discussion is planned for next Wednesday afternoon, without the Parliament moving towards issuing a resolution.

According to a statement by the European Parliament, after the finalisation of the agenda for the 20 – 23 November plenary, the MEPs will discuss countermeasures in light of the latest revelations on money laundering and evasion of sanctions against Russia in Cyprus.

“The latest investigation carried out by the ICIJ revealed that Cypriot investment firms and banks have been allegedly involved in hiding the wealth of sanctioned Russian oligarchs and billionaires.

“MEPs are set to discuss with the Council and the Commission how to urgently and effectively plug all loopholes in the financial system and accelerate the ongoing negotiations with member states on tighter anti-money laundering rules,” the EP statement said.

The Cyprus Confidential investigations highlight how professional enablers are abusing the global financial system’s opacity & facilitating the flow of dirty money across borders.