Government surrender over energy price surge

While consumers brace for another wave of energy and fuel price hikes, the government is throwing in the towel, claiming it has run out of ammunition to contain costs. Finance Minister Constantinos

Cost of living crisis rages on

Unsettling news for Cypriots consumers as the Cyprus Fiscal Council’s spring report claims the cost of living will continue to rise throughout the year, with fuel prices also staying high. According to

Cypriot shoppers stick to essentials

With higher prices at supermarkets and petrol pumps, Cypriot consumers are changing their shopping habits, limiting their spending to essential items, say retailers. In May, the Statistical Service said Cyprus saw its


May inflation equals 40-year high

Cyprus is witnessing the highest inflation rate recorded in four decades, with May equalling the 9.1% registered in February 1982. The highest inflation rate Cyprus endured was 10.8% in 1981. The news


Hiking fuel prices limits journeys

Motorists are limiting the use of their vehicles to save on petrol as pump prices continue to break new records. Boosted the war in Ukraine, fuel prices on Monday were at record

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