House prices unlikely to drop this year

The end of 2021 saw Europe’s and Cyprus’ economies gradually recovering from the two-year rollercoaster ride of lockdowns, the stock market at record highs, and inflation increasing. One year later, the disruptions


Fuel prices at pre-war levels

After reaching an all-time high in the summer, fuel prices at petrol stations have subsided to levels before the war in Ukraine and sanctions on Russia, which catapulted energy costs. Following this


Sharp rise in Paphos rental prices

 Across Cyprus, quarterly, sale values increased by 3.9% for apartments, 1.1% for houses, 0.6% for offices, and decreased by 0.3% for retail and 1.5% for warehouses, according to the Q3 Ask WiRE


Housing booms are over as prices fall

Housing booms across many advanced economies are coming to a halt due to rising mortgage rates and weak economic growth prospects, according to Moody’s analysis. “Slowing home sales and a moderation of


Supermarkets reject fixed ‘household basket’

Supermarkets oppose the government’s latest intervention to control prices of essential goods amid rising inflation, which is driving the cost-of-living crisis. The Cabinet on Tuesday had greenlighted a bill that obliges supermarkets

Low natural gas prices won’t last

The global energy crisis continues with no end as the Russia-Ukraine war moves into winter. In Europe, natural gas prices have come down for now, but oil prices are edging upwards. Gas


October price inflation at 8.8%

Inflation in Cyprus was recorded at 8.8% in October, up from 8.7% in September on the Consumer Price Index, lower than the estimated 10.7%-euro area inflation. It increased by 0.89 units and

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