Dining out becomes challenging

As the cost of living surge takes its toll, keeping up a vibrant social life has become an arduous endeavour, as dining out and ordering food are becoming increasingly elusive luxuries for


Annual inflation rises, drops in EU

Annual inflation in Cyprus increased to 4.3% in September, up from 3.1% in August, bucking the downward trend in the wider EU. A year ago, Cyprus’ inflation rate was 9.0%, according to


Food inflation rampant

Cost-of-living continued to hike in September, with consumers receiving the largest shock in their groceries, as fresh produce prices increased 45.8%, compared to last year when they receded 17.8%. The second biggest


Food, petrol prices push up inflation

Rising food and pump prices took annual inflation higher in September, surging to 4.0%, according to the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The CPI increased by 1.33 units, reaching 117.67 units, from 116.34


Cyprus quarterly house prices drop

In the second quarter of 2023, house prices in the EU increased by 0.3% compared with the first quarter, while rents increased by 0.7%, but Cyprus house prices decreased by 0.4%, according


Green tax on petrol prices

No relief for motorists is in sight from hiking petrol prices, as the government is contemplating new fuel taxes as part of a green taxation reform imposed by the European Union. The

Olive oil is a luxury item

From a necessity in every Cypriot kitchen, olive oil is becoming a luxury item as its price has doubled since last year, and farmers’ associations expect to see it reach €10 per

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