No November chill for Cyprus

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Cypriots will not need to get out their winter clothes any time soon as warm weather conditions continue to prevail across the island, despite entering the last autumn month.

Temperatures on Monday hit a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius inland, some 8°C higher than the seasonal average of 22°C, with no sign of the warm retreating by the end of the week.

Although temperatures are not scorching, discomfort levels were fairly increased as elevated dust levels were recorded across Cyprus.

Elevated dust levels were recorded in Limassol, where hourly dust concentration was 130.9 μg/m3; in Larnaca, had 125 μg/m3; in Paphos, 113.2μg/m3 were measured.

In Nicosia, the concentration was 98.7 μg/m3 and in Paralimni, 54.3 μg/m3 (micrograms per cubic metre).

Dust had begun to retreat close to noon, with only Larnaca and Paphos remaining above safety levels at 2 pm (60.9 μg/m3 and 73 μg/m3).

Dust refers to respirable particulate matter of a diameter smaller than 10μm (PM10) in the air.

According to the legislation, daily average concentrations should not exceed 50 μg/m3.

Dust particles will remain in the atmosphere until Tuesday, with temperatures, however, remaining at the same levels as Monday.

Temperatures on Monday peaked at 30°C inland and on the coast and 22°C on the highest mountains.

Night temperatures will drop to 15°C inland, 18°C on the coast, and 14°C on higher ground.

Tuesday and Wednesday will also be warm, with temperatures set to drop slightly on Thursday, however, remaining well above the season average.

The weather is expected to cool off sometime next week, with temperatures still above average.