Israeli tourist dies in Platres cycling accident

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A 55-year-old Israeli woman lost her life while cycling in the Platres area in mountainous Limassol, police said on Friday, as they are attempting to establish the cause of death.

The Platres Police Station is investigating an “unnatural death” case, possibly due to a cycling accident.

The local police station was informed on Thursday at 1:30 p.m. that an injured person was on a dirt road close to the Caledonia waterfall.

An ambulance was also called, which picked up the woman.

However, the woman lost consciousness on the way to Limassol General Hospital and first aid medics attempted to resuscitate her.

She was later pronounced dead at the Limassol General Hospital upon arrival.

The 55-year-old woman had been on an off-road cycling excursion with another 13 cyclists.

At the scene, fellow cyclists told officers that the woman lost control of her bicycle and fell. After her fall, the woman had difficulty breathing.

Police said they are still looking into the woman’s cause of death, but no evidence of foul play has emerged.

An autopsy on the woman’s body was scheduled to take place Friday.