Hundreds arriving daily from Israel

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Several hundred people arrive daily in Cyprus on commercial flights from Tel-Aviv after the crisis following the Hamas attack against Israel.

Some 24 flights from Israel to Cyprus (23 to Larnaca airport and one to Paphos) are expected to be carried out on Thursday, with 18 flights going in the opposite direction.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Theodoros Gotsis told CNA that a technical issue with an Austrian military aircraft, which would stopover in Cyprus while transferring its nationals from Israel, prevented the operation.

Consequently, Austrian citizens are being transferred eventually with commercial or chartered flights.

On Wednesday evening, 80 citizens who were going to be transferred on the Austrian military aircraft flew to Larnaca on a commercial flight of an Israeli airline from Tel Aviv.

On Thursday, a chartered flight will be carried out to transfer other citizens from Ben Gurion Airport directly to Vienna.

A small number of Cypriot citizens who wish to return and remain in Israel have made arrangements to return during the next days with chartered flights.

Gotsis said the Embassy of Cyprus in Tel Aviv is in constant contact with them in case more arrangements are needed.

Consular assistance is provided to all permanent residents who remain in Israel and have asked for help.

Ayia Napa

Some 65 European and Israeli citizens arrived on Wednesday from Israel at Ayia Napa marina on two private vessels.

“Two private boats carrying a total of 65 European and Israeli citizens who fled the war zone in Israel arrived at the marina,” an Ayia Napa Marina statement said.

“Reception areas at the marina had been organised in time by the staff and the government agencies involved so that reception and hospitality were at the highest possible level.”

Marina director Kostas Fitiris said: “The marina will offer all required services free of charge.”

He assured that cooperation with the government services will continue for as long as necessary for the reception and accommodation of people coming from the warzone in Israel.