Warning for heavy thunderstorms

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Cyprus is experiencing heavy rainfall on Tuesday after the Met Office issued a yellow warning for extreme weather conditions.

The warning came into effect at 10 am Tuesday, valid until 6 pm, warning of isolated thunderstorms and hail expected to impact various regions throughout the day.

According to the warning, isolated storms are anticipated to periodically affect the island, particularly in Paphos, Limassol and Larnaca, and mountainous areas.

The meteorological service warned that thunderstorms could be accompanied by hail in certain areas.

The intensity of rainfall during these thunderstorms is forecasted to range between 35 and 55 millimetres per hour.

The current bad weather conditions are influenced by an unstable air mass.

In comments to the Financial Mirror, weather observer Eric Kitas (KitasWeather) said the island is under the influence of a low atmospheric pressure system, expected to subside on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, the weather started cloudy in the mountains and some coastal areas, producing showers in the early morning.

The weather will gradually become partly cloudy as the day progresses, occasionally producing showers and thunderstorms on the coast.

Local showers and isolated thunderstorms should gradually weaken towards late afternoon.

Maximum temperatures are expected to rise to around 30 degrees Celsius inland, approximately 28-29C on the coast, and about 18C in higher mountain areas.

Night temperatures will drop to around 17C inland, 19C on the coast, and 11C on higher ground.

Local showers and brief thunderstorms are expected on Wednesday, but the weather will clear up by the afternoon.

Temperature changes are not expected to be significant, remaining close to average climatic values for the season at 29C.