Thunderstorms to clear the dust

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The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for heavy thunderstorms and strong winds across the island on Tuesday, helping to clear up high dust concentrations in the atmosphere.

The warning is in effect until 6 pm. The intensity of the rain is expected to vary between 35 and 55 millimetres per hour.

Just before midday, the first heavy thunderstorms accompanied by hail were reported south of the capital, in Latsia and Dali industrial area.

Paphos and Limassol have reportedly also seen some rain.

Rain is expected to help high dust concentrations covering the island in recent days clear up by Wednesday.

During the recent phenomena, the concentration of suspended particles with a diameter less than 10μm measured in Nicosia reached 100 mg/m3; other cities have similar measurements.

These values are double the air quality limits the World Health Organization (WHO) set.

Dust episodes, which increase discomfort levels on the island, are expected to dissipate on Wednesday. Scattered showers will linger over Larnaca, Famagusta, and some mountainous regions.

Temperatures higher than usual

Nicosia, Paphos and Limassol will experience a temperature increase to 25°C, while other coastal areas will rise to 26°C.

Higher mountain areas will have a cooler temperature of 16°C.

At night, isolated rain and possible storms will persist, primarily in the east and north.

Temperatures will decrease to 15°C inland, 17-18°C on the coast, and 10°C on the higher mountains.

Thursday will start mostly clear, with some afternoon rain expected in the mountains and the west.

Friday is predicted to be mostly clear, with a chance of brief showers.

Over the next three days, temperatures are forecasted to remain relatively stable, staying 2-3°C above the season’s average of 23 °C.

Cyprus is experiencing a warm November with temperatures 6°C above the average.