Squeeze on motorists to pay fines

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The government is working on ways to collect thousands of unpaid fines from the speed camera network, said Transport Minister Alexis Vafeades.

In statements to ANT1 TV, Vafeades revealed that approximately 178,000 fines have been issued since the system’s implementation in January this year.

He said out of these fines, 92,000 have been paid, 12,000 have been served but remain unpaid, with the remainder pending collection due to people’s unwillingness to pick up fines from their local post office once notified.

“If we have committed an offence, it cannot go unnoticed and unpunished,” that is why the authority is seeking ways to overcome people’s unwillingness to collect their fines.

One scenario under consideration is the linkage of fines to vehicle registration permits.

This would mean that when drivers try to renew their licenses or pay their road tax, they will need to settle any outstanding penalties.

Additionally, measures are being contemplated to streamline the out-of-court notice process, potentially involving direct notifications via SMS or email.

The minister also revealed the authority is contemplating increasing penalties for obstructing mobile cameras from the current €2,000 to a maximum of €5,000.

So far, authorities have ticked off Phase A of the newly introduced camera system, moving on to the second stage, which includes the installation of another 24 fixed cameras in seven locations, while another 16 mobile cameras will be received by the end of 2023.

Once the €34 mln system is fully operational, there will be 90 fixed units in 30 locations and 20 mobile cameras.