Cyprus has fourth busiest roads in Europe

Cyprus is riding high as one of the top four European countries with the most cars per 1,000 residents. The numbers, released by Eurostat on Wednesday, affirm what many know already: Cypriots

Digital tracker for offending motorists

Cyprus police are preparing a digital application-linked data platform containing the details of drivers caught breaking traffic rules by speed cameras to track down offenders. In comments to the Financial Mirror, the

Squeeze on motorists to pay fines

The government is working on ways to collect thousands of unpaid fines from the speed camera network, said Transport Minister Alexis Vafeades. In statements to ANT1 TV, Vafeades revealed that approximately 178,000

Cypriot motorists go green

Cypriot motorists are turning to greener vehicles, as sales of electric and hybrids have doubled in the first three months of the year compared to 2022. According to the latest data, sales

Rising pump prices batter motorists

Motorists must dig deeper into their wallets when filling up their vehicles with fuel as pump prices continue to rise, the Cyprus Consumers Association (CCA) said on Monday. In comments to the