Paphos makes US Senator Menendez honorary citizen

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Paphos Municipality announced it would make US Senator Robert Menendez an honorary citizen of the town in expression of “gratitude” for his “unwavering and consistent support” to end the Turkish occupation.

The Municipality said a special ceremony would take place on Friday at 1800 at the Town Hall, following a visit by the Senator at the American University, currently under construction, in Paphos.

Menendez will be in Cyprus to address the World Conference of Cyprus Diaspora in Nicosia this week.

Paphos Municipality said the decision to make Menendez an honorary citizen was taken by the Municipal Council last December for the work he has carried out for years.

“Especially as a US Senator, for defending and promoting respect for international law, freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law as principles of universal scope.

It said that, by defending Hellenism’s interests, he has emerged as “a true and selfless philhellene, worthy of gratitude”.

“An expression of the gratitude of the citizens of Paphos for Menendez’s unwavering and consistent support for an end to the Turkish occupation of Cyprus and the restoration of basic human rights and fundamental freedoms for all Cypriots through a viable and lasting solution to the Cyprus Problem.”

Menendez – already honoured by the Cyprus state — was credited with “shaping and promoting a vision for the eastern Mediterranean of peaceful coexistence and cooperation in an environment of security, stability and prosperity”.

“He is a bright example of an inspired politician who, with his words and actions, supports the weak against the strong and strengthens faith in justice in all its forms”.

Menendez, 69, is an American lawyer and politician of Cuban origin serving as the senior US senator from New Jersey, a seat he has held since 2006.

He is a member of the Democratic Party and chairs the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.