Tourist arrivals up 32% in 2023

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Annual Cyprus tourist arrivals have recorded a 32% increase this year, said Tourism Minister Costas Koumis.

He said that a good level of tourist arrivals is expected until November.

In September, the Tourism Minister will visit Scandinavian countries to further promote Cyprus as a tourist destination.

Koumis stated that there is no doubt that Cyprus is experiencing a good tourist year.

Arrivals have increased by about 32%, and revenues have spiked by 34%. There is also an increase in per capita spending, indicating a positive tourist year.

He said the Deputy Ministry of Tourism is working towards extending the tourist season for Cyprus to become an all-year-round tourist destination.

“This is a challenging endeavour due to the rapidly changing tourism landscape and increased international competition.”

Koumis highlighted the importance of promoting Cyprus in themed tourism markets such as religious, cycling, and sports tourism.

Regarding the loss of the Russian and Ukrainian markets after the Russian invasion, Koumis stated that despite the overall increase in tourism numbers, those markets remain valuable to Cyprus.

“The Russian market, in particular, traditionally contributed during the beginning and the end of the tourist season.

“While the loss might be compensated overall, it remains a loss regardless, and the Russian market’s absence is felt.”

He noted that the Ministry of Tourism will visit Sweden and Finland for meetings with partners during the second week of September.

“Right after that, we will head to France, a market experiencing significant growth for our country this year.

“And then we will continue with other exhibitions, including the UK, scheduled between the 6-8 of November, and possibly some others.”

He said the Gulf countries were also a market that was growing yearly.

“It seems the majority of those travelling abroad prefer metropolitan destinations, such as London, Paris, Rome, and others.

“However, we still see an increase in tourism for destinations that are considered summer destinations.

“Cyprus is vying for its share and will continuously strive for it, especially considering that we have a geographical advantage concerning this particular market, being closer compared to other markets”.