Heatwave returns with new warning

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Following a short respite from a punishing heatwave lasting a record 17 days, the island is once more gripped by high temperatures as the Met Office issued yellow warnings for Monday and Tuesday.

On Monday, the Met Office issued another yellow warning for high temperatures, reaching a maximum 40°C, while preparing the islanders for more heat coming towards the end of the week.

On Tuesday, it issued a similar alert for extreme heat, where top temperatures will touch 40C again.

Temperatures are expected to remain throughout the week.

July has gone down as the hottest month on record.

It is not just the hottest July ever recorded but the hottest month since the weather station in Athalassa Nicosia was established in 1983.

Cyprus has been sweltering under temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius since 12 July, when the island was hit by a heatwave dubbed Cleon, peaking at a maximum 44°C on 15 July.

Since 12 July, Cyprus witnessed 17 consecutive days with temperatures above 40°C, breaking the previous record of 12, recorded in 2020.

The temperature on Tuesday will rise to 40 degrees inland, around 32°C- 34°C  on the coast and 31°C  in the higher mountains.

Nighttime temperatures Monday will drop to 22C inland, around 24°C along the coasts, and 20°C in the higher mountains.

Meanwhile, the fire risk remains on the highest alert level, red, warned the Forestry Department.

The public is urged to be extremely careful and completely avoid actions and activities likely to cause a fire.