Spanish EU Presidency backs Cyprus-Israel energy deals

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The Spanish EU Presidency supports energy cooperation between Cyprus and Israel, said the Spanish Ambassador Gabriel Ferrán Carrión, during a presentation of Spain’s priorities as EU Council chair.

On current energy cooperation plans between Cyprus and Israel, he said it is a technical issue, but in principle, Spain views it with sympathy.

“As a fellow Mediterranean country on the edge of the EU, Spain has good electricity connections with Morocco and Algeria.

“It would be good not only for Cyprus but for the whole of Europe to be connected to its neighbours”.

He said that Spain supports the proposal by President Nikos Christodoulides for EU involvement in reviving negotiations on the Cyprus issue.

Ferrán Carrión said Spain’s EU Presidency would be the last full Presidency before the European elections next year, with many issues needing to be concluded in the coming months.

“Spain will continue to support Ukraine to reach peace and tackle economic and social consequences of the war,” Ferrán Carrión said.

He said four priority lines had been established — reindustrialisation and open strategic autonomy, green transition and environmental adaptation, promoting social and economic justice and strengthening European unity.

“Seventy years of international openness have been greatly beneficial for the economic growth of the EU, but they have also caused excessive dependency on third countries in the health, digital technologies, energy and food sectors.

“The Spanish Presidency will promote dossiers that allow the development of strategic industries in Europe and the strategic opening of supply chains through diversification with partners, such as CELAC.”

He said fighting against climate change and environmental degradation is not only a legal and moral obligation but creates opportunities to reduce energy dependencies drastically, lower the cost of electricity, make European companies more competitive and create new jobs.

“The Spanish Presidency will promote the reform of the electricity market, aimed at accelerating the deployment of renewable energies, the reduction of electricity prices and improving the system stability.”

Special priority will be given to the legislative files related to “Fit for 55”, such as the Gas and Hydrogen package and the energy and efficiency regulation.

Ferrán Carrión said the EU needs a more competitive and fairer and more caring economy.

Special priority will be given to the revision of the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027, the adequate reform of the fiscal rules to overcome austerity, increase transparency and combine sustainability of public finance with the proper financing of the green and digital transitions.

He added that continuous support for Ukraine is crucial under the principles of unity and solidarity, but also to offer real perspective to those who, like Ukraine, want to join the EU.