Autopsy on British woman inconclusive

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An autopsy carried out on a 38-year-old British woman who was found dead in her Paphos home last week was inconclusive, with police now waiting for the toxicology reports to determine their next move.

In a communication with the Financial Mirror, a police spokesperson said the autopsy on the woman did not reveal the cause of death but said that bruises found on her body were not connected.

Initial examination, carried out by state forensic medical experts, reported that the 38-year-old had bruises all over her body and periocular hematomas in both eyes.

“The autopsy findings have revealed that bruises on her body were not connected to her death. Tissue and blood samples have been sent to specialised laboratories,” said the official.

The police official said the toxicology report would shed light on the case, revealing whether there were any suspicious circumstances involved in her death.

The woman, a permanent resident of Cyprus, was found in the apartment on June 7, where she lives with her partner.

Her partner was the one who found her and informed the authorities.

He told police he had found the woman when he returned from work to their Kato Paphos home.

The 38-year-old woman has not been named.