British High Commission backs Voice for Autism 

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British High Commissioner, Irfan Siddiq, visited Nicosia-based NGO Voice for Autism to see first-hand the brilliant work carried out in support of young people in the community.

The High Commissioner visited two group homes in Nicosia, where Voice for Autism offers independent and supported living to members of the community.

Siddiq was accompanied on his visit to Voice for Autism by three Cypriot school students currently on the British and Australian ‘High Commissioner for a Week’ programme.

On his visit, Siddiq offered a symbolic donation on behalf of the British High Commission.

The donation was raised through a British High Commission staff raffle, and the NGO was chosen for its significant provision of services to young autistic people in Cyprus.

The High Commissioner said: “Every year, staff pick a different local charity to support with our raffle funds: this is important in demonstrating that we, too, are part of Cypriot society and support the work of local communities.

“This year, we’re pleased to donate to Voice for Autism, a start-up NGO committed to providing independence, inclusion, and opportunities to this community.

“It’s also been an opportunity for me to visit the NGO and see their good work in action.”

Voice for Autism President, Ellen Georgiou Pontikis, thanked the BHC for the donation, describing such moves as crucial towards securing Voice for Autism’s visibility and sustainability.

“We are delighted to accept this donation and thrilled that the British High Commission recognises the importance of the work we do in advocating for inclusive environments and the rights of young people with autism.

“We were very happy to welcome the High Commissioner to our two new group homes in Nicosia.”

Voice for Autism is a registered NGO, and non-profit that provides advocacy and support for young adults with disabilities to build meaningful, connected lives.

The NGO is also developing employment opportunities and a more inclusive landscape for persons with disabilities.