Cyprus-UK sign maritime safety, security MoU

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Cyprus and Britain have signed a shipping agreement that will lead to a “greater partnership” on maritime safety and security and enhance cooperation on climate change issues.

The memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed by Deputy Shipping Minister Vasilis Demetriades and British High Commissioner Irfan Siddiq on behalf of Baroness Charlotte Vere, the UK Minister for Aviation, Maritime and Security.

The MoU determines a framework for cooperation on bilateral issues and joint participation in international fora, such as the London-based International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and the Commonwealth.

The shipping ministry said the MoU is “an important step” that was deemed necessary, especially after Brexit, as both countries are two leading maritime states with “tremendous expertise”.

“The memorandum we signed today lays a solid foundation for further expansion of bilateral cooperation between the two states in all important aspects of shipping, but also to work together within the framework of our participation in the IMO to face the most important challenges in the sector”,” said Demetriades.

The MoU includes cooperation in the exchange of best practices and the organisation of workshops and training seminars between the maritime administrations of the two states.

It also aims to encourage cooperation in maritime safety and protection, decarbonisation, protection of the marine environment, improving seafarers’ rights and working conditions, promoting research and innovation, and the digital transformation of shipping, addressing cyber risks and implementing sanctions affecting the maritime transport sector.